Client – homeless and pregnant

I was handed your phone number by my boss. Your knowledge sent me in the right direction. I was eight months pregnant and homeless and now on my way to bringing my baby into a safe and comfortable environment. I felt at a dead end and was grasping at straws when you literally held out your hands. I came back to London after 14 years and was empty-handed, homeless, alone and with child. I am now feeling secure, warm and on my way to a new life of love and support. Your guidance and knowledge of community services is so needed and I am definitely a small but success story.”

Owner of home – sharing

My professional relationship with the London Housing Registry as been built on trust and their expertise of successfully placing individuals who are compatible with my lifestyle and meet my specific needs. It is of my opinion after serving the London community for over 20 years that the London Housing Registry is a crucial and important agency in our community.”

Single male client – served an eviction notice due to private sale of rental property

At the time I came here before I had been homeless for a bit. I came here and they managed to help me find a place within my needs and health problems. I found a place but had to move after surgery on my foot and couldn’t use the stairs. I came back and they gave me a lot of information to find a new place. Life is all right now but health wise it’s not. There should be more of this. After exhausting all the other resources it’s good to know that there’s a place like this.”

Thankful single male client

I have used this service over a dozen times. The London Housing Registry and There staff were Helpful and Efficient In helping me find a new place I now Reside at that I can Afford and am happy with. They have always been there in my time of need.”

Branch Director – Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter

Ninety-percent of our clients are currently dependent on Ontario Works funding and they have less then 6 weeks to find housing. Many are not eligible or can not wait for social housing so their only option is to access private listings. These are provided through the hard work and relationships built up with Property Managers through the London Housing Registry. [The London Housing Registry] assists our clients to move quickly into available units and work tirelessly to increase the stock of units available to all that need permanent, affordable housing.”

London Property Manager

The London Housing Registry’s experience and interactive approach with both the clients and the landlords is an essential part of our community. This is a vital service that has been helping those in desperate need since 1984. Those at risk of becoming homeless or currently homeless will be further driven into anonymity without the Registry’s help.”