What is the London Housing Registry?
The London Housing Registry is a non-profit organization that assists individuals and families in a housing crisis. Readily available from our office, clients are interviewed through an intake process that provides them with free housing services and a direct link to the private housing market. The LHR lists affordable non-governmental vacant units with local property management companies, private landlords, and matches clients based on their needs.

What services does the London Housing Registry offer?
The London Housing Registry maintains listings of rental properties available in the private market. The LHR offers individual consultation, advocacy, and mediation for those in need of assistance. Workshops are offered on housing related issues, such as, homelessness, how to obtain and maintain housing, and dealing with the Residential Tenancies Act. The Education/Advocacy Coordinator acts on behalf of tenants and landlords on matters related to housing.

For more information, please visit the “Services” section of this website.

Is there a fee?
We are a non-profit charitable agency and LHR services are free for clients.

How can I make a donation?
Please refer to the “Donation” section of the website