London Cross Cultural Learner Centre


505 Dundas Street

The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre assists new comers and minority groups in the London area to enable community involvement, cultural expression and enrichment and the development of political, social, and environmental awareness.

The Centre offers a full continuum of settlement counselling to new immigrants as well as employment counselling, social support, advocacy and assistance in accessing local medical, educational and social services, job search workshops, resettlement assistance and a volunteer matching program call the Host Program.

Settlement Counselling
Settlement counselors work in a variety of languages assisting new immigrants with all kinds of settlement support.

Global House
Reception centre for government sponsored refugees.

Host program
Matches new immigrants to London with volunteer community hosts.

LNC assessment
Language assessment and referral to community LINC English classes.

Job Search workshop
Workshops and support designed for new immigrants to Canada.

Translation services

  • most languages
  • reasonable rates