Health Services

London InterCommunity Health Centre

Health centre focused on individual, family and community health.

Dundas Street Location
659 Dundas Street
London, Ontario
N5W 2Z1
Tel: 519-660-0874
Fax: 519-642-1532

Huron and Highbury Location (click for map)
Huron Heights Plaza
Unit 7 – 1355 Huron Street
London, Ontario
N5V 1R9

Tel: 519-659-6399
Fax: 519-659-9930

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London and District Distress Centre

519-667-6600 (Seniors helpline)

Help by telephone is offered 24-hours a day.


CMHA Crisis Service

Program of Canadian Mental Health Association-London Middlesex
862 Richmond Street
519-433-2023 (24-hour crisis line)
519-433-8327 (Appointment Line)
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Telephone, face-to-face, 24hr mobile crisis assistance, and peer support for individuals 16 years and over who are dealing with a Mental Health Crisis.


Mental Health Service Information London

24-hour confidential telephone information and referral service for mental health services and supports in Ontario.


Canadian Mental Health Association

648 Huron Street
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Information and referral to community and professional resources. Support groups on a variety of topics. Direct service to individuals who have a serious mental illness. Intake for WOTCH community programs.


Women’s Mental Health Resources of London

Crouch Neighbourhood Resources of London
550 Hamilton Road
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Group support, crisis intervention, counselling, referrals, and advocacy to residents of London.


Community Mental Health Programs

Mission Services of London
459 York Street
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Program for men and women who are consumers/survivors of the mental health system who are having difficulty coping with everyday problems and who lack the life skills needed in order for them to reside successfully in the community. The Life Skills Program is designed to help clients increase their self-esteem and improve their life skills with the objective of enabling them to make a satisfactory return to the community. Case management is offered to those who move back into the community but who still need support to cope with everyday life.

For more information on Health Care services and a list of walk-in and other medical clinics, go to or see the yellow pages of the telephone book under “Clinics-Medical.”