Drop-In Centres and Street Outreach

These services help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and may have a mental health issue. Drop-in centres provide a place to go during the day for friendship, recreation, meals, life skills and other support. Street outreach programs provide relief and transitional support to people on the street where they live.


Ark Aid Street Mission
696 Dundas St. E

Adult Centre:8am-9pm Mon. to Fri., 7pm-9pm Sat., and 2pm-4pm Sun.
Teen Centre:1:30pm-3:30pm Mon. and Wed., 7pm-10pm Mon. to Sat., and 2pm-3pm Sun. with 24-hour phone support. This serves children and youth 4 to 19 years.
Youth Focus:Street outreach primarily serving the East London and downtown areas.


At^Lohsa Native Family Violence Services
343 Richmond St. Ste 109.

Drop in centre. Open 11am-3pm Mon. to Fri.


John Howard Society
601 Queens Ave.

Outreach to youth who are transitioning from emergency shelters.


London Coffee House Program
538 Dundas St. E.

Drop-in centre primarily for adults 20 years and over. Open 6:30pm-9pm Mon. to Thurs. and 2pm-4:30pm Fri. to Sun.


London Intercommunity Health Centre
659 Dundas St.

Health outreach for people who are homelss, including mental health supports.


My Sister’s Place
534 Queens Ave.

Transitional support centre for women. Drop-in centre fro women ages 16 and over. Open 10am-3pm Mon. to Fri.


St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre
707 Dundas St.

Drop-in centre from 9:30am-11am and 12pm-2pm Mon. to Fri.


Street Connection
258 Horton St.

Drop-in centre for street youth 16 to 24 years. Open 8pm-midnight Fri. to Sat. and 5pm-10pm Wed to Sun.


Streetlight: London Area Youth for Christ

Mobile bus drop-in centre located downtown on King St. under Galleria mall overpass from 7:30pm-9pm Tues. and Thurs.


Streetscape: Mission Services of London
459 York St.

Advocacy and support to people 16 years and over with mental health issues. Morning drop-in program starts at 7am daily.


Youth Action Centre (YAC)
141 Dundas St., Lower Level

Drop-in centre and street outreach for youth under 24 years. Open 3pm-8pm Mon. to Sat.


Western Area Youth Services (WAYS)
714 York St.

Youth mental health centre offering community and residential assessment, counselling, and treatment.


Operation Go Home

Telephone helpline for street youth. Helps to reunite families with their children.