City of London Housing

Housing Access Centre
CitiPlaza 355 Wellington Street Suite 248
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The Housing Access Centre offers the following services:

  • Information on social housing options
  • Applications for social housing programs in London and Middlesex County.

The Housing Access Centre maintains a coordinated wait list and is continually accepting applications.

For information and applications for social housing programs such as rent-geared-to-income, non-profit, co-operative housing, as well as rent supplement or subsidy programs in the City of London and County of Middlesex, visit the Housing Access Centre.

The Housing Access Centre does not provide emergency housing.

London and Middlesex Housing Corporation
1299 Oxford Street East Unit 5C5
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The London and Middlesex Housing Corporation is a non-profit corporation that manages subsidized housing for residents in the City of London and the County of Middlesex. It is the largest provider of rent-geared to income housing in the London-Middlesex area.

Property tax exemption for home renovation to accommodate individuals with physical or mental disabilities.

Ontario March of Dimes
Home and Vehicle Modification
291 King St., 3rd Floor
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Financial assistance toward the cost of modifications for people with physical disabilities.