Christmas Party for the LHR Family

The London Housing Registry hosted a small holiday party for all the volunteers to take part in this year. It took place on December 3rd, 2015 at the office and boy was it great! There was a chili cook off and Christmas door decorated, the office does look amazing! Shelley, our executive director, brought in two types of chili; one being chicken and the other ground beef and sausage, and Florencio brought in a vegetarian option. The office smelled delicious and the taste was even better. It was a fun, festive time for all of the volunteers to take a break from their workloads and mingle with their co-workers while enjoying a delicious treat. We would like to thank Pamela from next door for coming in a judging the decorated doors and selecting a winner. The decision must have been a tough one since all of the doors look amazing! Thank you Shelley and Florencio for the delicious chili! Everyone had a great time and we are definitely looking forward to the next fun event you have planned.

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Merry Christmas from the London Housing Registry


Holiday Blog

As most people are working on their Christmas and holiday shopping consider a few things you can do to help make the less fortunate peoples holiday season a memorable one. Shopping local can help the smaller businesses rather than giving more money to the larger corporations.

Buying from local stores, home run businesses, or do it yourself projects. Homemade gifts show your loved ones the extra efforts you were able to put in your gifts. Helping the less fortunate is one of the main teachings that arise from the holiday season. That can come in the form of donating toys new or gently used to children’s’ charities, donating clothes to donation bins that can be found around the city or other charities. One great thing that can be done is to donate your time whether it is contributing to local food drives, visiting nursing homes and hospitals, working at a soup kitchen, or even gift wrapping stations set up in malls. There are many charities also running that take monetary donations that help out great causes including the Salvation Army, many refugee charities, and more. It is the thought that counts! Happy shopping and happy holidays from the LHR team!

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Renting vs. Buying a Home

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to renting vs buying a home. Ultimately it is a personal preference as well as affordability. Some people are scared when it comes to committing to one house that you will own at the end of the mortgage term. While renting allows the flexibility to up and move after you have given your notice.

Buying a house is a huge obligation but you are paying your money to something you will keep rather than just putting money towards rent. First time house buyers do not have to have a 25% down payment but a 5% down payment which allows them more flexibility with what they can afford. They are also exempt from paying the land transfer tax in the first year. These little things can help out first time buyers by keeping some of their savings in their pockets. Some things to consider though when buying a house is unexpected costs like roof changes or possible problems in the interior. A thorough inspection of any property is recommended before making any haste purchases. Remember that buying a home is a huge financial obligation as you will have to consider paying your own utilities but it is a great choice to settle down in a place you can call home.

When it comes to rent the best part is you do not have to take on the responsibility of the property alone as the landlords cover repairs within the apartment unless it is deliberately your fault. Not all rentals offer all utilities covered in the rent some will require you to pay for your own hydro costs or etc. Parking is also another expense that a rental property will require you to pay for each month or offering one free parking spot and a fee for other spaces. Apartment sized washers and dryers are typically not allowed in your rental unit but most buildings have on site laundry facilities.

Buying a home or even renting are both big commitments that need to be assessed based on your current capabilities it is important to look at the positive and negatives of each before reaching a decision. Above is only a few of the things one should consider. Become informed and then choose.
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The Numbers Are In!

The London Housing Registry’s Annual Fundraiser that took place on September 14, 2015 raised over $8000! Thanks to our guests, sponsors, and volunteers. Money is still being tallied so we will keep you posted for the final numbers yet to come. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event truly one to remember.

Written by Mariam Hamou- Social Media/Blogger


The London Housing Registry is looking for individuals to dedicate some of their time and volunteer as intake workers and to help out with fundraising. If you are someone that is searching for a meaningful volunteer opportunity and to gain front line social services experience then this is the job for you.

Intake workers provide service for walk in clients that are interested in private sector units, information about resources available to clients, and answer phone inquiries. Intake workers are vital to the London Housing Registry as they directly help clients in their search for adequate housing.

Fundraiser planning begins early on as the LHR is known in the community for hosting an Annual Fundraiser each year. Our fundraisers always have a great turn out thanks to our volunteers first and foremost.

Help out with a great initiative and gain some firsthand experience with the London Housing Registry. More information can be found on

Interested applicants please forward your resume to Shelley Milos, the Execute Director with the subject line as “Volunteering @ LHR”. Her email address is