ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016 Fundraiser

The London Housing Registry has begun preparing for its 2016 Annual Fundraiser! Last year we were able to raise over $8000 and this year we hope to beat that number! The money raised goes to providing services, workshops, and operations of the London Housing Registry to help people at risk individuals or the everyday person.

The London Housing Registry helps people of all ages find suitable housing that meets their needs. It will surely be a night to remember with a cocktail theme, hors d’ouevres, silent and live auctions, 50/50 draw, and live entertainment by country singer Cathy Truelove. This year we ask that our auction purchases be made in cash or cheque only. This year we have secured a fabulous venue at McGinnis Landing on 666 Wonderland Road North and the event will take place on Monday September 12, 2016 at 7pm.

The London Housing Registry is looking for sponsors to give generously to help make this fantastic event a reality. Sponsorships come with Gold, Silver, and Bronze titles. All of our sponsors will receive a thank you incentive for their generosity.



The Goal to End Poverty

Governments set out plans aimed to end poverty starting with education. It may seem like an unrealistic goal to end poverty on a global scale but some regions have been able to do so. Medicine Hat is a city in Southern Alberta that has ended homelessness. No one in the city spends more than 10 days in a shelter because the solution is to provide them with housing.

Education is key to begin to understand the root causes of poverty and homelessness in Canada or any other country looking to eliminate poverty. It begins with educating children from a young age so that they grow up understanding that these problems exist in society. Making information readily available in everyday language helps spread the message faster.

Reducing barriers on a social level can help to reduce poverty. Barriers that exist on a social level include the wage gap between men and women, those unemployed for a long period of time are deemed as unemployable, pregnant women are treated different at work, and racism and discrimination. In order to address poverty on a higher level these issues need to be addressed as well.

Those more fortunate should help the less fortunate. No one in this world is ever busy it all depends on their priorities. When it comes to helping the less fortunate it could be by donating time, clothing, money, or helping out in one day events. It is emphasized to help others during the holiday season but in reality these issues exist everyday year round. Sometimes someone just needs a helping hand to help get them back on their feet or just someone to talk to.

Poverty exists on an international scale so you can choose to help on an international level and/or a local level. Some ways to help on an international level can be sponsoring a child, donating to charities, or for those able to volunteer building houses or becoming an aid worker.

It is easy to sit comfortably at home and ignore the issues at hand or complain from afar but it takes a committed human being to try and be a part of the solution. It can be as simple as raising awareness or volunteering for a few hours every while. Poverty is an issue that needs to be addressed on a world-wide level and can begin through small contributions right from your home.

Written by Mariam Hamou- Social Media/Blogger

Researcher/Outreach Worker (ROW)

Researcher/Outreach Worker (ROW)

Time Commitment: Long-Term (6+ months)

Position Description:

The London Housing Registry has been a part of London for over 30 years, and part of our success is the strong commitment and loyalty of our volunteers.

Our volunteers are the stars of our programs, without them we will never thrive. We will never reach three decades of community services, helping the most vulnerable segment of our community.

We are not only serving the chronic and episodic part of the homeless population but the overall population in housing crisis that means anyone who are at risk of becoming homeless.

We are looking for the next star, a person who is passionate and dedicated. A person who is searching for a meaningful volunteer experience. And finally, a person who has a genuine interest in helping the at-risk individuals and families who are in housing crisis.

If you believe that “Quality of Life Starts at Home” and you are interested in gaining front-line social service experience; learn new skills and training; and/or just wanted to jumpstart your career exploration and networking, this is the place to be!

The Researcher/Outreach Worker’s (ROW) main responsibility is to recruit available accessible rental units of private landlords, property management companies and home owners for our database.

The project’s goal is to develop a database of accessible or main floor rental units to support the London Housing Registry’s aging population and clients with mobility issues.

The ROW Volunteer will work with a senior volunteer and ROW leader to come-up with outreach strategies in completing this twelve month project.

Details of Job Description:

  • Research current accessible rental listing posted on line that meet our rental price range
  • Write all the pertinent information needed in recruitment
  • Contact prospective landlord, property management company and homeowners using prepared landlord recruiting script
  • Input all the necessary information from the outcome of the recruitment
  • Update spreadsheet of recruited landlords
  • Advocate for client and provide information about community programs and services
  • Makes appointment for client to view unit as deemed appropriate
  • Provides description information about vacant rental units
  • Conduct weekly follow up of referrals given to clients
  • Conduct quarterly follow up after client moved to accessible or main floor unit and provide additional referrals to help with integration into the community
  • Attends staff meetings and others as assigned
  • Maintain statistical information for monthly reports
  • Answer telephone inquiries and if necessary refer to proper channel
  • Other duties as assigned

 Skills and Experience Required:

  • Post-secondary education in Social Work, Communication, Business, Human Resources, Marketing and/or relevant work experience
  • Experience and knowledge of membership, recruitment or telemarketing with cold calling
  • Knowledge of homeless issues, sensitivity to housing barriers face by seniors or clients who needs accessible units
  • Knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act 2006 (RTA) and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) and other housing related by-laws and legislation
  • Tact and diplomacy are required to resolve complex problems and sensitive issues
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent Writing and computer skills (MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint)

Required Qualifications/Training:

Post-secondary education in Social Work, Communication, Business, Human Resources, Marketing and/or relevant work experience

The London Housing Registry encouraged diversity in the work place by encouraging open dialogue, acceptance, and tolerance of everyone’s belief, culture, gender issues and background. We encourage everyone to apply and those who are looking for meaningful volunteering!

Additional Opportunity Information:

How to Apply

Contact Name: Shelley Milos, Executive Director

Please send us your cover letter, completed volunteer application form, and resume.

***Please write ‘Volunteering @ LHR’ in the subject line of your e-mail***
6 weekly hours / 6 month commitment, Public Transportation is Available
No Parking (please arrange your parking if you wish to drive)
Fragrance-free and open door office environment
Monday – Thursday 8AM – 3PM

Deadline to Apply: (to be determined)

2015 Highlights

The London Housing Registry is a non-profit organization aimed at helping those facing crisis in their search for affordable housing. The London Housing Registry helps people from all financial backgrounds and links tenants to landlords. Our database is updated monthly.

• 2015 has been a year full of promise and renewal for the registry from fundraisers, to grants, to updated services, and maintaining an active role within the community.

711 Households found housing through the services offered at the London Housing Registry.

• We received 5696 inquiries relating to housing.

• 363 individuals attended educational workshops.

• 912 clients used the computers and telephone services located in our resource room which is available to all clientele.

• Made 10139 calls to London Property Management companies and landlord for rental listing information. This ensures our databases are up-to-date to provide our clients with all the latest vacancies.

• We had two generous donations: $15,000 from the Westminister Foundation for Senior Accessible Housing and $675 from the Walter J Blackburn Foundation for computer software.

Dolcetto Annual Fundraiser
The London Housing Registry hosted an annual fundraiser that took place on the 14th of September 2015 at Dolcetto Risto. Guests, volunteers, and sponsors came out to support an active cause within the community. There was live entertainment from the Dixieland Jazz Band, silent auction, and hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening.

A grand total of $9455 was raised thanks to everyone who supported the amazing event.

A very special thanks goes out to our corporate sponsors for helping create such a fantastic evening.

Gold Sponsors: Oliver and Associates, State Farm, Paul Davis
Silver Sponsors: FBC
Bronze Sponsors: Bill Blaney Insurance Brokers, Duo Building
Other Sponsors: Dolcetto Risto, Colliers International

Tenants: Know Your Rights

As a tenant you have guaranteed rights include the right to privacy, a safe home, vital services, protection from unlawful eviction, controlled rent increases, and to have children in the home.

There are certain instances when the landlord is able to enter the property including if you have agreed to cleaning services upon the rental agreement, you have authorized entry for repairs, or in case of an emergency. Many tenants think they do not need contents insurance since they the landlord has insurance on the property but this is not the case. In the case of an emergency or fire the damage costs on your property can only be covered by the insurance you have on your contents or in case you accidentally damage someone else’s property. Be sure to read your lease carefully before signing since after signing you will be bound by whatever is in it. Some apartments/properties will ask for mandatory house insurance upon moving in. When it comes to rent increases the landlord must notify you 90 in advance that rent is increasing. Every August rent is reviewed for the following calendar year so be sure that you are receiving all the current information from your landlord as it is made available.

With rights comes responsibility. As a tenant you must respect the home you live in and the property as a whole. It is your duty to report any damages or repairs needed to be done to the rental so that proper action may be taken such as structural damage or washroom repairs. The landlord cannot fix what he does not know about. You have an obligation to pay rent on time.
Written by Mariam Hamou- Social Media/ Blogger

How to Make your Job Hunt a Little Easier

Searching for a job can be a stressful time for people as it requires the expanding of connections, polishing up resumes, and putting together a good reference list. It can be even more difficult if you do not have much experience to help your resume stand out. Here are a few tips that can help those actively looking for jobs and different ways to expand that resume!


  1. Start early! Beginning as early as high school can help insure a solid foundation by gaining valuable experience and establishing connections with other people with common interests. Most high schools have volunteer binders in or around their guidance offices full of amazing opportunities. Extra-curricular activities provide great experience you can add to a resume especially if you are actively involved in school events or sports. Take advantage of the opportunities around you as a youth and you won’t be sorry! Who knows you might stay involved even after you graduate!
  2. Be up to date with the literature regarding your field whether that is retail, working with your degree, or internships. Magazines and online news sources can often provide job listings or you can subscribe to email alerts that will be sent to your email when a specific company or posting adds something pertaining to your interests.
  3. Make a plan! This might seem pointless to some people but sometimes you do not know what you want. Sitting down a creating a written plan for the next year or even the next five years can help put things into perspective. This could include education, additional certifications, volunteering, or even a life plan. It can help you budget costs and time!
  4. NETWORK! Expand your social media branch. Make a LinkedIn account with all your up to date information and fix up your Facebook and Twitter pages. Be careful about some pictures you post though you might want to make a public Facebook page to keep things professional and a private one just for you and your close friends. Sometimes public events are held specifically for networking including at the university or local events.
  5. Volunteer! There are many local organizations that need plenty of volunteers to help them function. Volunteers are a vital part of many organizations and they can provide hands-on fundamental experience. Many volunteer positions can also provide career opportunities down the road. There are many online postings to different volunteer opportunities around the community.
  6. Write a cover letter! When you find a job you would like to apply for write a cover letter. They may seem like extra work but it is a way to highlight some of your skills to potential employers, especially if you do not have a lot of experience it shows them about your character. It also shows recruiters that you are willing to put in the added work.
  7. Take a class! Sometimes all you need is some additional certification to put your resume a little above the rest. Receiving CPR and first aid training or different courses can be an asset to those with little experience or those who need further education.
  8. Put yourself out there! Even attending events and art exhibits will help put your face out in the community plus it can help create friendships and connections along the way.

Written by Mariam Hamou- Social Media/Blogger