London Community oundation “VITAL SIGNS STUDY”


  • Wait time for social/affordable housing is 8.2 years, or three years if fast-tracked
  • 360 emergency shelter beds operated at 87% capacity in 2011


Average Rental Prices : Spring 2012 CMHC

  • Bachelor apt. – $570
  • 1 Bdrm apt. – $721
  • 2 Bdrm apt. – $894
  • 3 + Bdrm apt. – $971


Compare to maximum rental rates : For Ontario Works Recipient 2012

  • 1 person – $372
  • 2 persons – $584
  • 3 persons – $634
  • 4 persons – $688
  • 5 persons – $742
  • 6 persons + – $768

Client Profile>example of a person accessing Registry services

The following client accessed the London Housing Registry during drop-in hours. The single male had worked for a company for over 37 years, company went bankrupt, received small severance package which he exhausted, went on employment insurance which was exhausted too. Travelled out West for employment opportunities. Secured employment but could not find affordable housing, therefore, returned to Ontario. During this time he exhausted all his retirement savings. Ended up in shelter.

• Poor rental history
• Poor credit history
• Poor self esteem
• Extremely frustrated
• Limited income through OW

• Eligible for community start-up through Ontario Works
• Is open to any area as long as it is clean, quiet, away from drugs
• Open to rooming and sharing arrangements

Action Taken:

Intake worker utilized LHR database and services to find listings for client that would be affordable for one independent on Ontario Works. Suggested he apply for subsidized housing for seniors. The intake worker then reviewed rooming house options, sharing arrangements and other web sites listing available units in the City of London. After much discussion and question surrounding market rental units, the client decided he would apply for subsidized housing and wait in shelter until something suitable came up.


Client directed to Housing Access Centre located in the same building as the Registry.
Client access Registry while off-site at shelter he was staying at just to “check in”
Still waiting to hear back about subsidized housing.
Client continued to keep Registry up-dated on his progress with subsidized housing and even though client had chose to utilize another housing option, he still remained in contact
68 days later, while still in shelter, client was offered a subsidized housing unit

Expectation #1: Client will be in clean and safe environment.
Signed 1 year lease

Expectation #2: Client will be in affordable unit with the rent geared to his income

This client profile addresses that not all clients use the services at the London Housing Registry simply to get listings for rental units. LHR also refers Londoners, and those new to London, about services and resources that our community has to offer. Without this knowledge, Londoners can become homeless and impoverished.

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The London Housing Registry launches a new website.

Welcome to the new London Housing Registry website. We are so excited to launch this new version of the website full of resources, links and information that individuals in London can use when dealing with a housing crisis.

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