The 2015 Annual Fundraiser

The 2015 Annual Fundraiser that took place on September 14th was a success! Thank you to all the sponsors, attendees, and volunteers; we could not have done it without all of you! The festive evening took place at Dolcetto Risto on 3020 Colonel Talbot Street, the service was great and the venue was perfect. The Dixieland Jazz Band provided the entertainment for the evening and kept the beat going. There was a silent auction with tons of amazing prizes to be won such as gift cards, hotel stays, gift baskets, and even autographed shoes from San Antonio Spurs Matt Bonner. Congratulations to everyone that went home with their won bids! The final amount of money raised is yet to be announced in the upcoming days. LHR will keep you all posted!

Thank you again everyone!


Housing and Financial Assistance in London

When it comes to housing expenses approximately 30% of earning should be put towards housing, with the struggles that the everyday Canadian is facing people tend to be spending more. It can be a hard task to ensure safe and affordable permanent housing. Emergency housing or shelters is a short-term place for people who are homeless or in crisis. It is a safe place where you can get basic necessities such as access to showers, money, and food. Ontario works is available to provide assistance to those who need it whether it be attending workshops for success in the work field or providing some money to help those in need with basic costs of living. ODSP is available to those who qualify with a disability that also assists with basic costs of living including food and shelter. Many services from Volunteers and Workers are available for those who need assistance getting support and information, legal advice, financial help, a new place to live.
Many of these assistance groups are listed on LHR’s website under Links whether it be for emergency housing or financial aid, etc.

Written by Mariam Hamou- Social Media/Blogger

2015 Annual Fundraiser

London Housing Registry invites you to it’s Annual Fundraiser

• September 14, 2015

• At Risto Dolcetto Itala – 3020 Colonel Talbot Rd at 7:00pm

• Contact the London Housing Registry for more details.

Annual Fundraiser

Why Affordable Housing is a Problem for Seniors

Society needs to be able to adapt to the changings of its population especially when it comes to the natural process of aging. With the population aging seniors are retiring and living off of fixed incomes. Since living on a fixed income is not something they are accustomed to, it comes with its struggles. Finding affordable housing on a fixed income becomes a huge issue. The London Housing Registry is dedicated to working towards finding affordable housing for the everyday Canadian and to make accommodations for seniors on fixed incomes. The goal is to provide affordable housing without isolating them from their current areas and to try to keep them near friends and family.

What Can The London Housing Registry Do For You?

Homelessness, risk of being homeless, and housing affordability are issues we need to address as a community. As of 2015, the average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment is $788/month while there are approximately 2,341 households on a housing waitlist.

Quality of lifeThe everyday Canadian is facing economic hardships and the access to safe and affordable housing is not a luxury that everyone has access to. The London Housing Registry (LHR) is a service targeted to helping low income individuals, the homeless, and those at risk of becoming homeless. These services also extend to include individuals in crisis such as loss of income, unexpected medical bills, relationship break ups, illness or accident, vehicle breaks down, etc. LHR also offers other services such as workshops, fundraising events, and information about other available services all of which are accessible and open to the public.

Other assistance can be found on our website and that includes access to food banks, employment assistance, financial aid, health services and other guides. The LHR is also aimed at helping individuals become informed in all aspects of housing such as maintaining a good relationship between the landlord and tenant, what is expected from the landlord and tenant, and what to look for when house-hunting. Addressing the issue is a step in the right direction and another way the London Housing Registry is making a difference in the community.

Volunteer Opportunity – Social Media/Blogger

Position: Social Media/Blogger (Youth – 16 to 25)

Time Commitment: Long-Term (6+ months)

Deadline to Apply:  July 29, 2015

Position Description:

The London Housing Registry have been a part of London for over 30 years, and part of our success is the strong commitment and loyalty of our volunteers.

Our volunteers are the stars of our programs, without them we will never thrive. We will never reach three decades of community services, helping the most vulnerable segment of our community.

We are not only serving the chronic and episodic part of the homeless population but the overall population in housing crisis that means anyone who are at risk of becoming homeless.

We are looking for the next star, a person who is passionate and dedicated. A person who is searching for meaningful volunteering, through genuine intention of helping the at-risk individuals and families find housing.

If you believe that “Quality of Life Starts at Home” and you are interested in gaining front-line social service experience; learn new skills and training; and/or just wanted to jumpstart your career exploration and networking, this is the place to be!

The Social Media/Blogger (Youth – 16 to 25) works initially with a placement student from Western’s Engage Student Program and gradually will be writing and maintaining the LHR blog and social media activities

Details of Job Description:

• Write articles (200 words or less) about housing related topics weekly
• Post weekly written articles to LHR web-site
• Promote the weekly blog posts using LHR social media accounts • Create promotional materials about LHR that can use in social media
• Write short messages with links and photos to LHR social media accounts
• Maintain social media statistics (analytics) and report to Executive Director
• Research current social media trends and applications for possible usage
• Assists with current fundraising effort using social media
• Assists with the promotion of educational workshops using social media
• Update Bulletin Boards at reception and Resource Centre
• Develop, create and maintain a social media activity calendar
• Archive LHR articles since 1984 using current medium
• Create new promotional display materials for off-site outreach
• Create posters, flyers, and promotional materials for events if needed

Skills and Experience Required:

• Understanding of online “search” and its impact on social media content
• Currently publishing a personal blog or other form of digital content and or have interest in developing a blog
• Excellent organizational, written and verbal communication and presentation skills
• Education in Communication, Business or English and/or related work and personal experiences dealing with blogging and social media
• Willingness to learn the homeless issues, housing barriers and housing related legislation
• Knowledge of income support for low-income individuals and families (OW, ODSP, etc.)
• Knowledge of relevant copyright and trademark legislation
• Proficiency in MS Office (MSWord, Publisher, PowerPoint) and Prezi
• Have experience with relevant technology & reporting tools (e.g. Twitter Insights, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and or 3rd party social media apps)
• Experience working across social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest
• Basic Photo and Video editing (resizing, adding watermarks or bumpers, etc)


• Social Media
• Communication / Writing
• Marketing / Public Relations
• Arts & Crafts

Required Qualifications/Training:

Education in Communication, Business or English and/or related work and personal blogging/social media experience.

How to Apply

Contact: Shelley Milos, Executive Director
Deadline to Apply: July 29, 2015

Please send us your resume and completed LHR Volunteer Application (CLICK HERE) 
***Please write ‘Volunteering @ LHR‘ in the subject line of your e-mail***

• 6 weekly hours / 6 month commitment / Public Transportation is Available
• No Parking (please arrange your parking if you wish to drive)
• Fragrance-free and open door office environment
• Monday – Thursday 8AM – 3PM

The London Housing Registry encouraged diversity in the work place by encouraging open dialogue, acceptance, and tolerance of everyone’s belief, culture, gender issues and background. We encourage everyone to apply and those who are looking for meaningful volunteering!