Landlord Recruiter (Volunteer)

Time Commitment: 6+ months (4 months as Junior Volunteer and 2 months as Senior Mentor)

Position Description: The London Housing Registry has been a part of London for over 32 years, and part of our success is the strong commitment and loyalty of our volunteers. We are not only serving the chronic and episodic part of the homeless population but anyone who are experiencing a housing crisis.

Our volunteers are the stars of our programs, without them, we will never thrive. We will never reach three decades of community services, helping the most vulnerable segment of our community.

We are looking for the next star, a person who is passionate and dedicated. A person who is searching for meaningful volunteer opportunities. And finally, a person who has a genuine interest in helping others particularly those who are in housing crisis.

If you would like to gain experience in front-line social service and would like to jumpstart career exploration, this is the place to be!

tweet-lhr6Additional Opportunity Information:
Please email your cover letter, completed volunteer application form, and resume
***Please write ‘Volunteering @ LHR‘ in the subject line of your e-mail***
• 6 weekly hours / 6-month commitment
• Public Transportation is Available
• No Parking (please arrange your parking if you wish to drive)
• Fragrance-free and open door office environment
• Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 3 PM

How to Apply:
Email: Florencio Viray, Volunteer Manager
Deadline to Apply: (until position is filled)

The Landlord Recruiter’s main responsibility is to research private landlord, property management companies, and homeowners and recruit them to be part of our rental database.

The goal is to clearly explain the need for their assistance in helping those in a housing crisis and at the same time getting benefits from our services, by prescreening potential tenants and getting exposure to enhance their corporate social responsibility in our community.

Details of Job Description:
• Research current rental listing posted online that meets our rental price range
• Write all the pertinent information needed in recruitment
• Contact prospective landlord, property management company and homeowners using prepared landlord recruiting script
• Input all the necessary information from the outcome of the initiated recruitment
• Update spreadsheet of recruited landlords
• Update the London Housing Registry Resource Centre with current on-line listings
• Other duties as assigned

Skills and Experience Required:
• Post-secondary education in Communication, Business, Human Resources, Marketing and/or relevant work experience
• Experience and knowledge of membership, recruitment or telemarketing
• Knowledge of homeless issues, sensitivity to housing barriers for high-risk population
• Highly organized, computer and database skills, self-directed, work cooperatively with staff and community partners
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent Writing and computer skills (MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint)

• Data Entry
• Recruitment
• Public Relation
• Marketing
• Human Resources

Required Qualifications/Training: Post-secondary education in Communication, Business, Human Resources, Marketing and/or relevant work experience

The London Housing Registry encouraged diversity in the workplace by encouraging open dialogue, acceptance, and tolerance of everyone’s belief, culture, gender issues and background. We encourage everyone to apply and those who are looking for meaningful volunteering!

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